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Endless Exploration: Discover both yourself and outdoors

by Hai Mont 28 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Haimont was founded in 2018. It is dedicated to the research and development, production, and innovation of outdoor sports products. Haimont is committed to providing safe, comfortable, and durable clothing and equipment for everyone who loves mountains, rivers, and embraces nature.


Haimont = 'Hai' + 'Mont'
'Hai'stands for 'sea' and 'water'
'Mont' is Latin for 'mountain'
It expresses our unwavering commitment and dedication to products for mountain and water sports.

haimont logo

Haimont LOGO is inspired by the characteristics of the snow yak, such as its adaptability, toughness and hardiness, which aligns with our values of cleanliness, resilience, positivity and upward mobility. The curved horns on the head of the snow yak, form two triangles with the head. Haimont has also designed a triangle logo that reflects product safety, comfort, and environmental protection to represent our product standards.


The logo combines the towering green mountains and sparkling water waves.
The towering green mountains are not just about steepness but also the fragrance of flowers, the songs of birds and beasts.
The sparkling water surface is not just a scenery behind, but also a rippling paradise.
On the path towards mountains and water, rain or shine, the divine will always prevail.


Brand Ethos

Our commitment to self-discovery and embracing nature through outdoor activities aligns with our long-term business philosophy, ensuring a sustainable approach to everything we do.

Product Ideas

Keep the faith. Keep concentrative.
Keep innovative. Keep perspective.
For us, it's about more than just protecting mountains and rivers.
We persist in innovation and never stop exploring, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.


 Product Line



Our technology fabric is both breathable and quick-drying, as well as waterproof and windproof, making outdoor sports more comfortable and enjoyable.
With our products, you can seamlessly transition between urban and outdoor settings without compromising performance or style.


Powered by MiflexTM technology, our products are both durable and breathable, with stretchy and water-resistant properties that ensure freedom of movement while avoiding restrictions, stuffiness, and tearing.


cross country

Cross Country

Our products feature lightweight and durable fabrics, with thoughtful designs that are tailored to both ergonomics and off-road sports, providing a hassle-free and effortless off-road experience.



We provide a wide range of products, such as inflatable paddle boards, waterproof bags, and clothing, to fulfill the majority of needs in water sports.

 Fabric Technology

Fabric Technology

Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to preserving the earth's natural environment by utilizing recyclable and renewable materials to safeguard the outdoor environments we cherish.

As we continue to explore the latest technology and create products that are best suited for outdoor sports, Haimont remains firmly committed to protecting the natural environment.

Come join us on this journey as we explore the great outdoors together.