HAIT System: The fastest gear for your competitions!

HAIT System: The fastest gear for your competitions!


The race against the clock is in your blood. We want to measure ourselves against others, to be faster, and to cross the finish line first. When the starting gun goes off, we give our all. We are born to race!


For athletes, by athletes


At Haimont, you get the complete package – from product to tips and tricks for your races! We’ll clue you in how to best prepare for your race, and how to train and recover. Get valuable tips from our experts for race planning and how you get your head in the game. We also make sure you know about the highlights on the 2024 running calendar. Toe the starting line with us!


HAIT System: Product highlights
Race expertise: For athletes, by athletes
Trail running competitions: Highlights 2024


HAIT System: Product highlights


Our HAIT collection makes the critical difference when every second counts. Ultralight, technical, and filled with innovative features, this highly technical race line is oriented toward speed from head to toe.




Ultra HAIT Pole: Your race buddy 


Aggressive and fast: The Ultra HAIT pole was developed in partnership with Haimont athlete Hannes Namberger and put to the acid test in the most demanding ultra races in the world. Find out what for Hannes was especially important in development, and why the Ultra HAIT pole is the first choice for your next race.


HAIT 8 Running Vest

Taking off your pack is so yesterday: The ultralight and yet totally stable HAIT running vest has impressively engineered features and lots of room to stow gear. You can stow your poles fast and securely in the practical quiver.


Ultra HAIT Shirt

Ultralight and highly breathable: The HAIT shirt has impressive freedom of movement and feels really comfy even on hot days.

Ultra HAIT 2in1 Short

Ultralight and highly breathable: These ingenious shorts with integrated tights also prevent chafing and score high for ideal moisture management.

Race expertise: For athletes, by athletes

We know what you need to excel above and beyond. We made you “ready to race!”
In our new video series, DYNAFIT Athlete Manager Lukas Naegele shares his comprehensive knowledge for a successful race.

Performance diagnostics & physiology

What is the difference between aerobic and anerobic metabolism? Where does energy come for training? What insights do performance diagnostics provide? Find out more about that here!

Training planing

Training right doesn’t only mean run, run, run. Strength, speed and balance training also belong in the mix. And do you know what role recovery and nutrition play to help you reach your goal? Part 2 of our video series gives you those answers!

Race Preparation

Right before the race just one more extra long workout? Not a good idea! The magical word is instead tapering. Lukas explains why you should reduce your training intensity before the big day. You will also get helpful tips for the logistics in your next competition.

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