Keep the faith, Keep concentration, Keep innovation, Keep perspective.


Haimont was started with the commitment of supplying all the essential, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly outdoor recreation products at reasonable prices so that everyone who enjoyed being outdoors could do so.

Outdoor-loving, mountain-climbing, water sports, embracing nature, loving nature, loving the land, and sustainable development are all part of the brand. Marveled at the adaptability, toughness and hardiness of the snow yak, which is also the cleanliness, resilience, positivity and upward mobility that we outdoor sports enthusiasts advocate. That is how Haimont and the original LOGO prototype came to be. The curved horns on the head of the snow yak, form two triangles with the head. Haimont has also designed a triangle logo that reflects product safety, comfort, and environmental protection.

At the same time, the logo also represents the love for nature and the spirit of exploration of the outdoors, symbolized by the towering green mountains and sparkling water waves. In the outdoor environment, Haimont listens to the voice from the heart and persists in love and original intention.

The stable triangle represents Haimont's focus on users, products, and services, and also reflects Haimont's determination to maintain professional quality in outdoor sports in the long run.