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Travel: Just a Way of Life!

by Suremy Tse 28 Sep 2023 0 Comments

More and more individuals are embracing the idea of traveling, embodying the sentiment, 'the world is vast, and I yearn to explore it,' as a collective call to escape the constraints of everyday life and seek a life characterized by liberty and ease. We often supplement this notion with the insight that 'life extends beyond the immediate trivialities, encompassing both the poetic and far-flung corners of the world,' especially during moments of reflection, when the burdens of work and daily responsibilities weigh heavily upon us.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

Thus, numerous individuals elevate travel to the status of soul redemption. They pack their bags and embark on journeys to far-off destinations like Tibet, renowned as a sacred realm, or Mount Kailash, seeking solace without any hesitation.

Traveling represents merely one approach to living. In new and uncharted territories, you encounter unfamiliar landscapes and embrace diverse customs. The road holds unpredictable encounters, and if you attempt to attribute excessive significance to travel, you risk losing the inherent joy of the journey itself.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

Traveling is fundamentally about exploring the world.

It entails venturing forth, absorbing the world's beauty through your eyes, and immersing yourself in life's diverse facets. It's not solely about reaching a destination; it's about relishing the journey's scenery and adopting a mindset that finds joy in the views along the way.

When it comes to breathtaking scenery, we are utterly defenseless. Witnessing vibrant flowers, majestic mountains, and flowing rivers unfurl before our eyes can significantly uplift even the gloomiest of moods. The intricacies of life are momentarily set aside.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

So, there isn't a profound reason for it -- just a longing to rediscover that long-forgotten sense of wonder and shift our mood in an unfamiliar setting.

Traveling doesn't automatically equate to personal growth.

While some individuals exude the sentiment that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' after traveling, gaining a broader perspective that shapes a distinct approach to life and crystallizes objectives, not everyone acquires such insights or growth through their journeys.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

True growth is shaped by experiences, and merely dozing off on a bus and snapping pictures upon arrival might be uninspiring, even in the midst of encountering unfamiliar landscapes.

Thirdly, we should engage with the heavens and the earth, interact with all living beings, and ultimately, understand ourselves.

Traveling is the journey of engaging with the heavens and earth, connecting with all living beings, and coming to terms with our own essence. To accomplish this objective, it necessitates the accumulation of experiences. Going on a trip once or twice isn't sufficient to grasp the full complexity of the world, let alone comprehend oneself thoroughly.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

However, as you continue your journey, witnessing more and more, gaining a gradual understanding of the world, and reflecting on life's diverse facets, you'll develop a clearer sense of your desires.

In the era of social media, numerous individuals share their travel photos on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, amassing not only a substantial following but also considerable earnings. With these earnings, they perpetuate their travels around the globe.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

Numerous online articles also depict the allure of travel to the public, fueling excitement and fantasies in many.

However, teenagers, whose minds are still in the process of maturing, can be easily swayed by one-sided persuasion. Ideally, they should be in well-lit classrooms, attentively listening to their teachers and diligently preparing for their futures.

Instead, some impulsively abandon their studies, opting to venture to distant locations, proclaiming, 'The internet claims traveling can be lucrative.'

What generates income? Live streaming? Writing travel blogs? The reality is that only a minority can genuinely make a living, while many individuals can't even afford their next destination. Ironically, it's within this mindset that the perspectives of young people are gradually skewed.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

At the same time, those grappling with diverse pressures yearn for a trip to rejuvenate their souls. However, in reality, travel merely becomes a means for them to escape the challenges of their everyday lives.

When you depart, reality stays as it is, and upon your return, it remains unchanged, not a bit different.

Maybe you've encountered some things that have subtly shifted your perspective, but that's unrelated to traveling. Life is constantly poised to offer you fresh insights.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!

Haimont always clings to a straightforward notion: Travel isn't as remarkable as it may appear; it can't rescue our souls. It's essentially a form of entertainment, an activity to relish in diverse locations.

The moment we burden travel with excessive significance, we find ourselves brimming with expectations and in perpetual pursuit. Yet, in the end, all we accomplish is draining our energy.

Why should we avoid attributing too much meaning to travel?

Simply put, we aim to maintain the purity of the travel experience.

Travel: Just a Way of Life!